Hair Styling Services

Men’s Hair Cut: $40. Includes shampoo, condition, hot facial towel, and finish.

Men’s Cut/Grey Blend Combo: $70

Women’s Refresher/Maintain Existing Cut: $50-60 depending on frequency of visit and styling tools. Includes blowout hair style and relaxing hand massage.

Women’s Reshaping or Dry Cut specialized technique: $70.00. Please allow 1-1.5. Please note additional $15-35 for wash and straight blow out style.

Blow Dry style: $35 with additional styling tools $10

Haircut with All over color & Hilites: Starts & $145. Add 10.00 for additional color choice/thickness.

Dimensional Hilites/Balayage/Ombre only: Starts $100. Add 10.00 ea. color choice, extra length, thickness. Glaze/Tone 15-30.

All Over Color/Root Touch Up: Base $60.00. Additional cost for thickness. Tone/Glaze/Gloss conditioning 15-30.

All Over Color w/Dimensional Hilite,Balayage,Ombre: Base $130. Toner/Gloss Glaze 15-30.

Face Frame Hilites/Balayage: $60.00 (max 5 foils). Toning/glazing 15.

Double Process Blonding or Correction Color requires consultation FIRST.  Base @ $75/hr.

Creative Styling (Pinless updo’s/waves/modern and vintage styles)$55 & up.

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